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Experts in Modern Caregiving

We have a wide network of experienced caregivers in LA who understand the modern need of families having children in a big city. We provide your kids with proactive, creative and caring babysitters and nannies.
With great attention to safety issues, we work only with professional caregivers with recommendations and a perfect reputation. Smart Sitter is always happy to help you when choosing a nanny for your kid.

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How We Can Help You

First, we get acquainted with your family through the filled form and a follow-up call.

Second, we answer any of your questions and tell you about all the nuances of picking a caregiver at Smart Sitter.

Third, we find a perfect match for you from our big catalogue of nannies and babysitters, according to your individual needs. We have caregivers for children of all ages, including toddlers and kids with special needs.

Why Choose Smart Sitter


Our candidates pass through Social Security Verification, Criminal Background and Sex Offender checks.

Thorough Screening

We try our best to pick the best candidates that care for children of any age and have the appropriate experience.

Always at Your Service

Our managers solve any problems and take care of the legal side of the contract between our client and personnel.

Our Team


Helen Johnson

Executive Director

Being a caring mother herself, Helen knows how hard it is to pick a caregiver, and has created Smart Sitter to provide parents with the best nanny and babysitting services in Los Angeles.


Luke Weisner

Client Coordinator

Luke has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, and has been working in Smart Sitter from the very beginning of this business, now communicating with dozens of clients every day.


Jack Decker

Recruitment Coordinator

For 13 years, Jack has been taking a position of recruitment specialist in different companies. He knows everything about picking the right candidates for working with children of any age.


Elizabeth Jackson

Family Specialist

Elizabeth knows about all needs of families as she is a loving mother herself. She solves any issues that may appear during the period of the contract and makes our clients happy and satisfied.