For Families

Having a family with kids is a hard job, and sometimes, even the most loving and caring parents need a rest for self-realization, hobbies, meeting with friends, etc. We help you to live a full life and enjoy being parents in the modern world.

Babysitters and Nannies Services


For Newborns

$3500/per month

Nannies with medical education, great experience in American and European maternity hospitals


Nannies Housekeeps

$3500/per month

Help to run the house including everyday tasks additionally caring after children


Travel Nannies

$3500/per month

Accompany your family during a trip abroad, caring for children and helping to run the house


Summer Nannies

$3500/per month

Become your children’s best friend, guardian and caregiver during the summer vacations


 Medical Prescriptions

$3500/per month

Nannies with medical education and strong experience


2+ Kids

$3500/per month

Caregivers for large families having more than two children of any age


Special Needs

$3500/per month

Care after kids with disabilities with exceptional love and patience


Live-in Nannies

$3500/per month

Reside in your home and provide care for children on a full-time basis

Our Nanny Hiring Process

  • 1

    You fill out the application form on our website, receive answers to any questions by phone or within offline appointment

  • 2

    We pick perfect candidates after a 1.5 hours interview with each nanny, check documents and personal data

  • 3

    We invite you to our office for acquaintance with 3-4 selected candidates, so you can choose the best nanny for your needs

  • 4

    You evaluate the chosen nanny or babysitter at work for 2-3 paid trial days

  • 5

    Trial period of 7-10 days starting from the first shift of the nanny or babysitter

  • 6

    Final payment for the selection of personnael under the terms of the Agreement with Smart Sitter

Only 7% of candidates pass our thorough screening process

Basic Nanny Responsibilities

All the peculiarities of the chosen nanny or babysitter and services provided are stipulated in the detailed contract. You can specify additional duties in the contract or remove those services that you don’t need.

    Schedule nap times
    Maintaining logs
    Children’s laundry
    Indoor Play
    Cooking & Feeding
    Assisting with homework
    Outdoor Play
    Organizing bedrooms/toys


“Smart Sitter helped to choose our first nanny in life. It took us about three weeks from filing the application on the site to choosing a nanny. I was worried whether we would be able to find personnel in time, as I had to return to my job after maternity leave. As a result, we clearly met the deadline.”

October 28, 2017

Joan Williams

“Very precise and deep clarification of the request and needs of our family! None of the agencies had asked me so many questions about my children, as the experts at Smart Sitter did. As a result, my two kids are happy, and so are me and my husband as we have much more time for work and leisure.”

May 15, 2018

Mary Peters

“A babysitter, who was picked up for me by Smart Sitter, became not only an assistant for me when I was urgently called to meetings at work but also a true friend for my child. I trust Alison infinitely, she helps me also with home duties sometimes, and treats my boy as her own son.”

March 23, 2019

Elizabeth Benson

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